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New trash pickup contract could save Hinsdale residents 39 percent

Hinsdale residents willing to pull their garbage containers to the curb could save more than 30 percent on their trash bills, based on a new contract the village is negotiating.

Hinsdale has used Republic Services for waste collection and recycling since 2007, but last fall the village went out to bid for a new contract, while it surveyed residents for feedback about their service.

Residents who responded to the survey were satisfied with Republic’s services overall, but they asked for lower prices for refuse collection and yard waste stickers, and suggested curbside pickup, reported Emily Wagner, administration manager for the village.

Republic is proposing to cut the price of once a week pickup by as much as 39 percent for residents who are willing to put their containers at the curb.

Although many residents already pull their garbage and recycling containers to the curb in front of their house, the current contract says Republic will pick up the trash and recycling at the back door or garage, and the prices reflect that service.

Homes with once-a-week pickup of a 65-gallon garbage container are now charged $32.28 a month.

If that homeowner switches to once-a-week curbside pickup, the charge would be $19.60, a savings of $12.68 a month, or 39 percent. Senior citizens would receive an additional discount.

Homeowners who use 95-gallon trash containers for once-a-week pickup are charged $33.14 monthly. If they switch to curbside pickup, the monthly fee would be $21.85, a savings of $11.29or 34 percent.

A twice-weekly collection schedule also is offered for a higher price.

Under the proposed five-year contract, a homeowner who wants to continue to have his trash picked up weekly at his back door or by the garage would pay $35 a month (versus the current price of $32.28) for a 65-gallon container and $36 (versus $33.14) for a 95-gallon one.

There is no charge for picking up recyclables curbside, and that would continue under the new contract.

However, residents can choose a larger recycling container that holds 95 gallons. Currently, only one size is offered, a 65-gallon recycling carted receptacle.

The price of yard waste stickers would remain the same under the proposed contract, $3.25 per bag.

The village staff is continuing to negotiate the details of the contract with Republic, which may offer an organic composting program and a yearly cleanup day, when residents could get rid of large items.

Republic’s contract expires April 30, but the staff recommends it be extended until Oct. 31, so the village would have time to notify residents and explain changes to the collection routine.

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